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Uganda Safaris and Gorilla Tours

Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda
9 days

9-Day Uganda Safari Exploit

$3,565.00 $3,769.00
7 days

7-Day Wildlife and Primate Safari in Uganda

Lyantonde, Uganda
$3,800.00 $3,950.00
mountain gorilla in Uganda
7 days
6 days

6-Day Rwanda Chimpanzee and Golden Monkey Trekking Luxury

HH9V+3WF, Ruhengeri, Rwanda
$3,786.00 $3,986.00
Kidepo Valley Park
6 days
mountain hiking
6 days
lions in Queen Elizabeth
5 days
Kidepo valley Park
5 days

5-Day Big 5 Kidepo Valley NP

Apoka, Uganda
$2,700.00 $2,980.00

Visit Rwanda

Known as the land of a thousand hills, Rwanda’s stunning scenery and warm, friendly people offer unique experiences in one of the most remarkable countries in the world. It is blessed with extraordinary biodiversity, with incredible wildlife living throughout its volcanoes, montane rainforest and sweeping plains. Travellers come from far and wide to catch a glimpse of the magnificent gorillas, yet there is so much more to see and experience.

As guardians of many iconic species, Rwanda is committed to safeguarding their existence within the four National Parks.

We are constantly working to ensure we can live in sustainable harmony with our environment, with a clean and green mindset. We banned plastic bags in 2008, and our lands are possibly the cleanest in Africa thanks to efforts throughout every community.

Note: Gorilla Permits In Uganda cost $700 and in Rwanda cost $1500 per permit.

Availability of Gorilla permits depends on how Quick you book for them (travelers are advised to book Gorilla and Chimpanzee permits in advance to their travel dates).

Explore the Tree Climbing Lions In Uganda

Sipi Falls

Sipi Falls

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Meet your lifetime adventure

Dream Bandas Uganda offer adventure tours spread all over Uganda and Rwanda national parks. Other tour Safaris of wildlife and game viewing are conducted in Kenya and Tanzania.Our Uganda tours are rich in wildlife and game viewing,culture and sight seeing. We are delighted to welcome you to Uganda the pearl of Africa where the life turns live and probably life began. Dream Bandas Uganda offer adventure, curiosity that treats your dream of visiting Africa. It will be exciting to discover your dream adventure in Africa with us. We have been operating for the last ten years and come with a lot of experience while handling your dream holiday to Africa and especially to Uganda and Rwanda and Entire East Africa.

The Great Wildebeest Migration

"Race For life"

The annual wildebeest migration in Kenya is the 8th wonder of the world and is one of the greatest natural spectacles in the world.

This enormous migration happens between the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and the Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya between July and October each year.

The immense herds of wildebeest migrate in search of greener pastures by crossing the crocodile-infested Mara River.

You should make sure that the 2023 season of the migration does not pass you… It is one event worth everything.

In March, towards the end of the short dry season, the grasslands of the southernmost Serengeti start to dry out.

This triggers the onset of the wildebeests journey,towards the western woodlands in the Mara.  


More than 1.5 million wildebeest migrate in an enormous loop every year.

wildebeest migration

What Our Happy Clients Say

annet SEERAannet SEERA
12:52 06 Aug 23
I have so far had 2 safari tours with Dream Bandas Uganda, but their services have been 10/10.From my first communication with Henry in the Lockdown period, the conversation has been effective. I had a 3 days safari to Bwindi to see mountain Gorillas.After that i had a second tour to Murchison falls national park in 2022.Thanks for all the memories.
Sandra Austin05Sandra Austin05
13:29 10 Jul 23
I went for my birthday treat to Dubai through Dream Bandas Uganda.All the arrangements for accommodation, meals and airfares were made on time and on arrival we were warmly welcomed by thier representative Hassan.Great thanks and looking forward to adding them business.
Samuel GuideSamuel Guide
20:17 02 Jul 23
4 Days in Nyungwe for chimpanzee trekking and Bwindi Gorillas, I managed to work with Dream Bandas Uganda. We had a client Benjamin from England.We had a lot of memories and pretty sure it's one of the best Tour and travel companies in East Africa.
Mirembe EstherMirembe Esther
10:03 06 Jun 23
They are experienced and hospitable.We haad a lengthy conversation with the company Director(Henry) and he helped us share the travel program to Queen Elizabeth National Park.The tour was rewarding as we encountered a number of animals in the park including elephants at Kazinga channel and hippos.
bettie kulabakobettie kulabako
15:40 27 Apr 23
I recently visited Uganda, and i got a Chance to go to Jinja where i enjoyed my short holiday before i came back to Berlin.All i can say is i enjoyed the source of the Nile boat cruise and Itanda Falls adventure.Tubing was great and our guide Rogers was amazing from Dream Bandas Uganda
Ichuli YusuphIchuli Yusuph
11:39 22 Apr 23
At the start of the year me and my friends went to Murchison falls national park, we had breakfast at the top of the falls and we slept at Sambiya River Lodge.The game drives were amazing as we saw lions, elephants and many antelopes.Thank you Dream Bandas Uganda fir the the memories.
Beautiful GloriaBeautiful Gloria
15:40 07 Jan 23
Dream Bandas Uganda took me around Entebbe to Mabamba Swamp in the search for the rare shoebill stock.Thanks for the great experience for a one day tour.
Tiana BaeTiana Bae
11:58 03 Jan 23
The operator is so professional and has good customer care with quality service delivery.A holiday to Uganda was worth every penny
20:29 02 Jan 23
Dream Bandas Uganda gave me the best tour experience around Queen Elizabeth National Park and the tour guide was well informed and friendly. I highly recommend Dream Bandas Uganda.
Novia VancyNovia Vancy
19:55 02 Jan 23
Honest and quality, hospitality was at handTime management by the group was also good ❤️We enjoyed every moment with dream Bandas Uganda
kaboggoza deuskaboggoza deus
16:28 26 Dec 22
Adventure is never boring.Realize all the fantasies in the wild.Dream Bandas Uganda made me discover the wonders of the wild.

Why Travel with Dream Bandas Uganda?

Our consultants are experts in creating the perfect packages for Uganda and Rwanda. The more we know about the travellers, the more attention to detail we can create the dream holiday. Dream Bandas Uganda is all about quality and assurance, giving competitive pricing without compromising on service.

Experienced Safari Guides

Our ambassadors are our Safari Guides with a minimum of 10 years of experience, and some of them are multilingual in European or Asian languages. Our Safari Guides are trained every year and have to go through a course of knowledge, vehicle handling, hospitality manners, and first aid & Covid 19 precaution.

Family Owned

Being a family business, we know the importance of expectations, and the small things matter to us. Dream Bandas Uganda has sister companies in other industries of IT solutions, and commodity trading. This gives confidence that it does not stand alone.


Lodges & Camps

Uganda is the Pearl of Africa and famously known for mountain gorilla tours in Bwindi and Mgahinga parks and so many Luxury and Mid-rage Eco Tented Lodges and Camps have been developed up offering suitable services to luxury visitors taking our Uganda safaris including gorilla, birding and wildlife. Here is our 2022/23 suitable Uganda Safari Lodges itinerary 9Days and it can be customized based on individual, family or group and staying in Eco – friendly lodges and camps that blend with nature!

Most of the Luxury Lodges and Camps we work with, offers various safari logistics that facilitate the flying gorilla trek and wildlife safaris in Uganda. Our Uganda flying safaris starts from Kidepo, Murchison, Kibale, Queen and Bwindi. More so if you want to take Flying safaris in East Africa, we have got you sort and you will have extraordinary experience that our travel experts have got exception knowledge to arrange. List of lodges and camps include Apoka Safari Lodge, Nile Safari Lodge, Kyaninga Lodge, Papaya Lodge, Kyambura Gorge Lodge, Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge, Bwindi Lodge, Sanctuary Gorilla Camp among others and are much suitable to offer the two weeks Uganda safari lodges and camps itineraries.

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