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Uganda Safaris

Uganda is a unique safari destination  for  African tours,Uganda safaris for  African holidays and adventure vacations . Uganda safaris and tours to Uganda include  gorilla safaris, gorilla tours ,birding safaris, and cultural Uganda tours. Also we take you for  Rwanda safaris , birding tours, primate tours, wildlife safaris in Uganda as well  carry out hotel and lodge bookings from luxury to budget accommodation facilities.

Dream Bandas Uganda offer adventure tours spread all over Uganda and Rwanda national parks. Other tour Safaris of wildlife and game viewing are conducted in Kenya and Tanzania.Our Uganda tours are rich in wildlife and game viewing,culture and sight seeing.

We are delighted to welcome you to Uganda the pearl of Africa where the life turns live and probably life began. Dream Bandas Uganda offer adventure, curiosity that treats your dream of visiting Africa. It will be exciting to discover your  dream adventure in Africa with us.  We have been operating for the last ten years and come with a lot of experience while handling your dream holiday to Africa and especially to Uganda and Rwanda and Entire East Africa.

leopard in Uganda

Uganda Safaris

As a Tour Company, we conduct and operate safari vacations in East Africa with many years of experience in the field of Tours. Our Uganda Safari  Itineraries allows you to discover Africa newly to the current generation and the future ..We offer all tours be it luxury to budget tour packages that are independent and adventurous all done professionally and guided.

This has helped us to minimize time wastage to achieve more with our clients goals leaving them satisfied. We do offer discounted group departures for specific periods the weekends starting on Fridays.

Uganda Safari Attractions.

Uganda is “gifted by nature” once described by Sir Winston Church hill in 1908 has a unique description which cannot be close to the truth  that has led Uganda to be popular East African safari destination……”For Magnificence, for variety of form and colour for profusion of brilliant life-plant, bird, reptile, beast- for true vast scale, Uganda is truly the Pearl of Africa”……situated in the heart of Africa ,astride equator ,boasts of wide diverse of landscape from ragged snow capped mountains the vast flat lands stretching to the horizon, Uganda tours offers breathtaking scenery. You can enjoy a lot of Uganda safari in variety.


Uganda Primate Safaris:Uganda has the highest concentration of primates in Africa. Mountain gorillas,monkeys baboons, make primate tours. Chimpanzees share 98% of human genes making our closest living relative. Chimpanzees give birth every 3-7 years and look after their infants for 10 – 12 years before they are old enough to survive on their own.

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